every monster has a backstory


Born in Vietnam, raised in Oakland, and determined to create a monster…

So there we were – little kids fresh from Saigon, looking at this big new country, and watching our folks give it their all in the face of incredible odds. Beginning in this country as boat people made them strive to do better, no matter what, and their determination gave us an anything-is-possible mindset. Our Oakland childhood and those early years in Vietnam set the stage for a lifelong love affair with Vietnamese food.

We were always thrilled to introduce people to these mouth-watering dishes (an evangelist mindset comes naturally when your mom and aunt are constantly cooking up a storm), and in 2014 we opened Monster Pho. Our authentic food and sweetheart staff quickly earned us a bunch of madly devoted monster evangelists. And even though Oakland is quite the shape shifter these days, we feel good knowing that our delicious monster noms keep providing big smiles and warm fuzzies for our Oaklandish family.

In 2016, we decided to create a new sort of monster where folks could unwind with great Asian beers and Bay Area wines, where they could sit in the sun with their dogs, and where there’s always a dish of delish close at hand. We’d always had this secret crush on Emeryville, the girl next door, so that’s where Monster Pho 2 was born.

We know how lucky we were to be raised by folks who celebrated and defined who we truly are, so we appreciate all the ways we can each create the vibrant family that colors our world and fills us with joy.

Welcome to the Monster Pho family. We’re so glad you’re here.


đây là nơi mà bạn thuộc về

(this is where you belong)