Enjoy beer, wine & cider at Monster Pho 2 in Emeryville


cold beer & hot pho that warms your heart

The rotating beer selection at Monster Pho 2 in Emeryville allows you to sample Asia’s favorite beers, many of them available only as special shipment imports in limited quantities, due to high demand. Discover which brew goes best with your favorite dish, and be prepared to debate that choice with your buddies, just like folks do when they’re sitting curbside in Vietnam. more...

Beers at Monster Pho 2 in Emeryville

Asian Imported Bottled Beers    6

Asia’s top imports favor crisp, bright flavors that round out your meal and quench your thirst, and Vietnam is no exception. At Monster Pho 2 we always keep two of Saigon’s most famous beers on hand for you:

Beer 33 – Vietnam
Saigon Export – Vietnam

We’re crafty when it comes to great Asian beers, so while we love the big label brews, we’re constantly on the lookout for special shipments of those rare brands that round out the flavor roster. We want you to be able to try beers from all over the place! Some of the brands we feature in the Monster Pho 2 rotation are:

Tiger Beer – Singapore
Singha Beer – Thailand
Sapporo – Japan
Tsingtao – China
San Miguel Pale Pilsen – Philippines
San Miguel Cerveza Negra – Philippines


Popular Beers    5

Lagunitas IPA
Cali The City IPA
Ballast Point IPA
Blue Moon IPA
Sierra Nevada IPA
Bud Light